My dreadful day

Today i just couldn’t help it. I was super anxious! Anxious to know about my love, anxious to hear about him, anxious to here from him.. to the point where i cant stop checking up on him to see if i find out any little info. I didn’t or couldn’t find out anything. I was desperate. I messaged his friend. Basically asking him for my love. I dont know this Friend of his but i am so grateful & appreciated to kno he is ok & sleeping. My poor baby so tired. Im glad he is getting his rest. We all need it. Im also kind of upset. He didn’t messageg me through the whole time he was here. I missed him like crazy.. all i can think about is. Did he not miss me? Does she intertain him that much? Or was he really trying not to get in to trouble?? I honestly dont know. But anyway every second every minute i think of him is so dreadful. Its getting harder for me. Harder for me to be away from him.

  But every minute i spent here i see the love my daughter has her for daddy & the love he has for her. I dont want to be the person to take that away from them. I dont want to hurt them. I know people say your not taking her away from him. But i am. Growing up with her daddy in the same house. Is not the same as only seeing him on weekends. If he is mad i dont want him to take it out on her. Another thing is i cant trust his family.. is family well mother & sister are such witches.. they are negative people in her life. I want to be by her side at all time. & I dont want her to leave with daddy & be away from me. It hurts to know she wi have to go with him. Ughh please help me Jesus. Give me a sign let me know everything will be fine. That my daughter will have a Beautiful life ahead of her. With people that love & Care about her. She is my everything & i want nothing but the best for her. 

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