I scoured websters, merriams, google, about everywhere for the definition of “awhile”.  Everywhere I looked “awhile” was defined as “a short time”.  I also looked up “a little”.    I found “a little” to be defined as “small amount, size or degree”.

Am I being a pain in the the ass?  Is she trying to compromise?  Shouldn’t I compromise as well?  I have told her many times it’s a two-way street.  I feel I owe it to her to try regardless of whether I want to do it or not.  Maybe I am the anchor dragging her down.  Maybe I am the crazy one she is worried about.

Short, a little – they are both relative.  I am looking at it from her side.  I have to do that and figure out how I can give “a short time” if that is what she wants.  I just don’t know how to stay away because I gravitate towards her.  I naturally look for her without knowing what I am doing.  She is what I want to see and hear.

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