Sex worker

I only entered the industry thinking short term. Money!  I needed lots of money and quick.

The amount of debt I was in was piling up quickly, and I feared being homeless.  I remember walking by homeless people and crying because this was going to be me unless I acted quickly.

Seeking help to conquer my addiction to alcohol and recreational drugs was never an option, the thought that passed my mind.  I was living off bread and butter and cheap bottles of wine.

I wanted money to keep a roof over my head and fuel my addiction.

I broke into the industry by first working in a massage parlour (a smelly damp brothel)  the clients made my skin crawl!  I was drained and depressed, and my drinking worsened.

After a month or so of working within the brothel I became independent and began making money I have only ever dreamed of making.  I continued to drink and take recreational drugs, and my debts slowly became manageable. 

Even now that I have finally managed to clear my debts, I only have a couple of hundred pounds to my name.  I am going to continue with this line of work, I only have to work 6 days per month and usually average around 500 GBP per day!

I am my own boss and have plenty of time to concentrate on myself and my studies and to begin saving for a house.  I don’t plan to be in the industry forever… 


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  1. That’s a lot of money… Nice to meet you 🙂

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