The beginning

As I continue to work on myself I realize that I spend so much time thinking, wondering, coming up with ideas, face booking, instagramming; but, I don’t spend much time on me. I don’t do self-care as much as I would like so I have decided to try to do more self- care which includes journaling. I never liked to journal because I have so many racing thoughts and I struggle with perfectionism so I would want my writing to sound good and be proper; however, I have been working on that and so I will let my words flow and not ruminate about whether or not I am writing with appropriate grammar and punctuation. This is a journal for me to express myself, my thoughts and my ideas.

My weekly goals are to:

Write 4x a week in my journal

Work out 3-4x a week

Stretch when I work out and if possible other days as well

Work on my distorted thoughts 2-3x a week by utilizing thought records

Get up earlier and have time for me

Get dressed

Wash my face every night

Cook my food more frequently

Learn a new recipe once a month

Read for 30 minutes 2x a week

Learn a new spanish word or sentence once a week to start.


As I sit here and write I feel motivated. I don’t want my life or my days to pass by me. I want to experience my life fully and live up to my potential. I’ve become comfortable with being unproductive and my depression has made it a lot easier to be unproductive. However, I am going to try my hardest to begin starting new behaviors and patterns. I want to grow, I want to learn, I want to be healthy and happy. 

3 thoughts on “The beginning”

  1. Hello and welcome Stephanie! For journalism, you don’t have to care about being a perfectionist or anything, it’s mainly writing for your benefit. But finding out typos and fixing grammar mistakes helps clear your thoughts too. I hate spelling errors because it ruins the reading experience for me when I look back on it at a later time.

    I have some questions though:
    1) Are you okay with using your real name on the website…? It looks like you are XD
    2) You seem like an interesting person who wants to live a meaningful life, I’m going for the same thing too. Do you want to keep in touch?

  2. Thank you for the feedback. I don’t mind having my real name on here; however, I have contemplated changing it due to work reasons. I don’t mind keeping in touch with someone who is trying to better their life and bouncing back ideas. We can all learn from one another.

  3. No problem, it’s really easy to change your username, it’s available in your account settings on the website. I’d change it if it’s concerning to you. I post a daily journal on here, including work related stuff, I know no one at work reads it, and if they did, there’s the first amendment.

    Anyway if you want to start talking and getting to know each other, my skype is peon_hero, send me a message. I like talking about living a meaningful life and not wasting our time here. I think my life is pretty good, I know what I want and I’m very slowly getting there, just like you are.

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