Coming to Terms

November 4th, 2016. It was a day like any ordinary day…until it wasn’t.

My husband and myself met up with our friend after work at a restaurant. We drank (which is an oddity for me, because I hate liquor). Then, we went to a hotel room and had a threesome. I should say it was planned.

My husband and I had been planning on a threesome for awhile. It just never materialized because of one factor or another. However, the timing, date, setting and person were perfect. We are still friends with her. She is dating someone else.

However, this whole situation helped me come to terms with something I already knew…I am bisexual. I had been pushing it to the back of my head for years. I had even cried my eyes out in the shower before begging to be different. But this is me, and I am coming to terms with it.

(Sorry to be all over the place. Long day)

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