Connecting over Paella

I went on my first (unpaid) date in a long time.  In usual circumstances I would of probably had a couple of large glasses of wine for Dutch courage.  Instead I drank almost an entire bottle of pink lemonade lucozade to give me energy.

I had already told him that I couldn’t drink alcohol because I had a ‘kidney infection’ so he decided on a sheisha bar.  It was pretty cool seeing how other people socialised without alcohol and I quite enjoyed the shesisha.

The date was pretty challenging the guy was of Spanish origin and spoke very broken English. I managed to make him almost laugh on two occasions… and I bloody hilarious so that’s saying something about how the date went.

He is a good looking guy so I had my hopes up, had tidied my room and got the massage oil and condoms ready.  So it was a shame that there was no connection, we had no bodily contact all evening… we didn’t even brush hands once! The only moment we had a glimmer of connection was when he taught me how to pronounce paella!

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