Day 276 – Snow day

Tuesday, November 29th 2016 

Today was the same as yesterday really. I woke up, ready to go to school and catch up, until my dad told me buses were cancelled and said to take the opportunity to rest some more. I quickly talked to him about Society6 before going back to bed and he said he’ll look into it. I woke up once again around 11 am, watched YouTube for a while, got ready for the day, did dishes (more than my dad asked to do, since I had a sudden burst of productivity), and by now it was 1 pm, so I did some math homework to catch up on what I missed yesterday (Kohai told me I don’t have to do part 2 of the work, since I was absent today), and one hour in, I decided to take a break and play Civilization V. I spent maybe, 3-4 hours on it without realizing. I managed to take over Germany and now I’m taking over another country; didn’t bother to check which. They were just nearest to me, so I decided to take them down, especially cause of their army and how it’s really strong.

I then ate supper and finished my math work, which took another hour. Am I just slow with homework, or do we have a lot? Cause seriously. Homework isn’t supposed to be more than one hour unless it’s a project or something of the sort.

I went on the server and one of our staff members donated the rest that we needed to keep the server and website up! So we’re thanking him a lot. We can relax, since December is supposed to help us get some players back. Usually November is the hardest for servers.

Kohai messaged me some time while on the server that her parents got an email saying one of their kids got a 60% below on their previous test. They didn’t say who, just one of them. I mean, what? Kohai is now panicking since she’s worked so hard on a test. I really doubt it’s her, but still, they should really just straight up say which student. Seriously.

I’m off to watch Supernatural, talk to Megg, and go to bed.

That’s all for today.

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