Good Night Journal

I often find myself reading journals on GoodNightJournels.
I find some people have very interesting lives even though they don’t realize it. Some write so brilliantly I can’t stop reading. A few made me read each and every entry they wrote.  

There is one thing I know that is common among everyone who is in this online journal website, we all love to write our feelings and read others. 

Reading someone else’s journal help me pinpoint my own problems and often helps me find solution to my own problems. 

I see that things that are trivial to me hold so much importance for some and vice-versa. I see great cultural diversity and the thought that change with it. I read about someone experiencing winter weather while I’m sweating form extreme heat of summer.

I see people younger then me explaining life in a away that makes me wish I could go back in time and do the things I never had the courage to do.

I see people older then me complaining about the hardships mostly… see life in a better way you all, you all are going to make me depressed for the future.

I see people talk about magic and High school, College, Work, relationships, breakups, relatives, friends and family.

There are a few people for which I log on again and again to check if they had made another entry.

I was born, raised and I still live in a place where there is no or very little cultural diversity. I envy those who live in places where there is.


4 thoughts on “Good Night Journal”

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and so glad to see you getting engaged with journals from others. Journaling is one of the greatest things to do for yourself and others on 😉

  2. Hello thanks for your comment bc it’s what got me back here after so long (I’d already uninstalled the app oops)
    Tbh, I found that reading journals here had gotten quite dark and depressing because everyone seemed to be facing problems of their own. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with expressing feelings and thoughts here bc it is indeed what Goodnight Journal is for, but having myself read stuff here in my post-midnight state of mind wasn’t really healthy for me. Which led me to come less often and eventually delete the app when I needed more space in my phone. This is the second post I’ve read since installing it again, and it’s really heartening to see that both of the posts I’ve read have such positive vibes to them. Really, thanks for bringing me back here haha and I think this has been my longest comment xD

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