Heavy in his arms

My reservations are visible. My fears are strong and justifyed. My heart weak and glowing with pain but lately, he is the one holding me up. He is always there. To talk me out of being a mess. To make sure I’m healthy, happy and strong. To hold me up even though I push him away constantly. He is my rock. He makes me smile, glow, happy and wanting more. I wish he was mine and real, everyday. He shows me more everyday how much he values and cares for me, just be being here. I want to hold on to him and not let go. Oh, if I only had the chance. I bite my lip often at the thought of him. My body flutters and my face becomes hot. Just his voice only is a drug to me. I want wrap my arms around his legs and tell him to be with me. Love me. Let me love him, fully. Force him to stay. He keeps me above water. My toes off the ground. His words are strong with love and compassion. He carries the weight of me through all of our troubles. He is the strongest man I have ever met.

One thought on “Heavy in his arms”

  1. I hope he knows what he means to you and that you don’t lose faith in him. Based on what you say, I know he thinks the world of you and would take on the weight of the world for you.

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