Just don’t pick up the first drink

Day 6 without the poison.

I have been almost a week without a drop of alcohol passing my lips.  The things is quitting is simple, it’s staying quit that’s hard.

Onr of my friends messaged me on Facebook wanting to meet up over Christmas, I messaged him back stating I had given up booze.  “Haha you will never quit, why are you even trying”. Was his response.

He didn’t meant it out of malice, everyone knows I’m a bit of a drinker, but they only see the funny side.  They see the crazy, care free out of control drunk who loves to party.  Little do they know that I spend countless nights alone drowning my sorrows drink after drink. 

… that I often spend 48 hours in bed following a drink up severely depressed and unable to function. 

They are unaware of all the problems alcohol has caused in my life.  

I’m still at a vulnerable stage, I could easily be influenced by someone “just have one drink”  but that innocent one drink will never just be one drink for me.  Once I start I NEED more! 

After one drink my brain demands more and more… and I will continue to guzzle drink after drink until my brain no longer thinks.  


That is why I have to keep saying to myself over and over the line AA has taught me “just don’t pick up the first drink!”



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