Learning from Others (Paulo Freire: Bell Hooks)

While reading this piece on of the quotes caught my attention. While talking about Paulo Freire and how he influenced her Bell Hooks says, “And it was not that I did not see sexist behavior on his part, only that these contradictions are embraced as part of the learning process, part of what one struggles to change and that struggle is often protracted.” This quote made me think of my own learning experiences in life (especially since coming to college). What Bell Hooks was saying in this quote was that even if a person has viewpoints that are different from your own, you can still use them to learn. Since being in college I have come across classmates, teachers, and other people with extremely different views but I am learning to use all of them in order to learn. The learning process is a process that includes multiple different steps. It is important that we use the people and things around us in order to understand things on a broader level. Even if a person’s differences are problematic they can still lead you to have a deeper understanding of a topic. 

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