my fault…?

so my boyfriend and I have been fighting….and this made it much worse….

so yesterday my friend walked me to class….and KISSED ME…….it took me a moment but i pulled away when i realized what had happened….I was completely honest with my boyfriend, but not I’m pretty sure he’s ignoring me….

……..was it my fault…?

4 thoughts on “my fault…?”

  1. no it wasn’t your fault. you were just walking with a friend. they kissed you, not the other way around. good luck

  2. It definately wasn’t your fault and its a good thing you told your boyfriend right away.

    If you would of not told him anything- then theres room to believe you may have liked the kiss. But since you did it showed you have nothing to hide and you are open and trustoworthy in your relationship.
    He may be upset but don’t worry he’ll come around if he truly cares/loves you.

  3. thanks babygirlkay…… doens t matter now…..we broke up

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