My Tuesday journal

It’s happening again? I feel like something is wrong in my body. I only had a lunch at work and lots of snacks after lol but I have been having trouble digesting all that all day even now. It felt really bad makes me don’t want to drink or eat anything after and still have no energy. I did go skating in Pasadena but I felt little tired to kept up with others for the entire time we skate. It’s good we only did 11 miles tonight. It was also little cold. I can’t believe that I felt cold in 50 degrees weather. It must be my body that something is not functioning right. I think I still have a cold and maybe it’s not really getting better. Well, I feel better now after taking a hot shower after the skating but I want to be feel better when I wake up tomorrow.

I felt actually very tired in the morning that I almost thought skipping the work or work from home. Ended up going to the office but got there little late. Did pretty much everything that I planned to do plus Let’s Encrypt SSL on GoodnightJournal! So glad it worked out so it’s secure and safe place to write your personal journals 🙂 Got off little before 7 PM then skated back to home. Drove to Pasadena for Tuesday night skate. I had to do that cause I feel like shit from eating too much at the office. I gotta stop doing that. 11:50 PM now and I’m so ready to sleep. Hope I feel better tomorrow. Goodnight All.

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