So Long, November

On Sabbath my pastor and the church elders annointed me with oil and prayed over me, like the instructions given in James. On Monday, I was scheduled for a bone biopsy. I was all prepped and ready and then the doctor came in to see if I had any questions and to tell me about the risk factors. He said that even though it was a needle biopsy and the needle was relatively small, there was a possibility that the cancer could be spread from the bone to the surrounding muscle tissue which would then require that the affected tissue be removed. When I heard that, there was literally a heaviness in my gut telling me not to proceed with the test. I have learned to listen to my instincts, so I halted the procedure and told the staff I was going home. Almost immediately, the weight was lifted and I wanted to run and leap for joy. I knew it was the best decision.

The results of the bone scan are that there are no other areas of bone that show any sign of cancer. Blood test results also do not show any abnormalities such as elevated levels of calcium that would indicate a widespread bone cancer. Today I had a CT scan that will show if there is any indication of cancer in my internal organs. I should have the results in a day or two, but may have to wait for my follow-up appointment on December 5th. I would like to believe that I have been healed, but, if so, it’s coming in stages, like the blind man that Jesus healed who first saw men that looked like trees. For the CT scan, I had to hold my arms over my head, and my shoulder has been in more pain ever since even with the Advil.

I’m still waiting for the delivery of the book “Beating Cancer with Nutrition” by Dr. Quillin. I’m looking at the Paleo diet, but I want to wait for the book before I make my grocery list in case there are any differences I want to take into consideration. In the meantime, I am following a more healthy diet. Already I notice more range of motion, but there is still pain and I cannot claim complete healing. Keep praying…

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