the teen morning

waking up in the morning to an alarm is never a great way to start a day unfortunately it how mine started, a six am. right now i feel like the walking dead. its funny how teens wake up super early on a school day so they can pick out the perfect clothes and matching shoes and then by some hopeful wishing ¬†reach the bathroom to do their makeup and curl their hair. so today i decided i was going to be lazy and wear leggings and a sweat shirt and i didnt straighten my hair or put on major makeup. actually im wearing left over makeup……we dont talk about it.images-28

my friends are here so im off and away for a bit to start my day.

One thought on “the teen morning”

  1. I’m lazy all the time! Well lazy in the context of preparing myself in the morning. Just a few days ago I woke up late and I an exam on that day. I just ran in the same clothes I was wearing put on the first slippers I saw, put on the first Jacket I saw which was twice my size and just ran.

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