What will happen once I quit alcohol

List of reasons to give up alcohol:

I will get a hell of a lot more done

I will become financially stable

If I meet someone they will like me for me not the drunk me (anyway who wants a drunk as a partner) 

My hobbies and interests and skills will grow

Life will become more exciting

I will become healthier 

I will learn to manage my thoughts 

My mental health will become more balanced

Good things will happen and I will have more energy to work at life.

I won’t waste days in bed

My diet will improve and I will begin to exercise

Drinking will not be my main reason for living 

I will find something else to get excited about 

I will become less self centred and give more to others.  The whole world does not revolve around me. 

I will learn how to look after myself and stop abusing myself

I will become more kind and more patient 

2 thoughts on “What will happen once I quit alcohol”

  1. Do you interested yoga? I think it can help to do easier your mission and give much strength 🙂

  2. Yes I am thinking of taking ur yoga and meditation. First I am going to try hypnotherapy as my concentration is so poor

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