We picked up her ashes today. The chapter is closed. It made me sad to see a line of blue bags across the floor at the vet’s office. There was atleast 5 of them. One was her, her ashes, her whole life burned away and put into a blue bag. I’m glad that she is home. I’m glad that she is at peace.

I had put the task of picking her up into the category of “errands”. Pay rent, pay the electric bill, pick up her ashes. I didn’t want it to be yet another emotional moment. I could not fool myself. I put her up in the front seat with me for the drive home. I could not bring myself to put her in the back of my jeep like a bag of groceries.

Now that we are home, I can let the tears fall down one last time. It is time to move on. 

3 thoughts on “Ashes”

  1. It’s honestly all good. The worst part of it is over. From when she passed and waiting to pick her up was the worst of it. I’m really happy that she is home where she belongs. So while it is bitter sweet, it is a very good day.

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