Ive cried my tears 

Ive screamed and shout

Ive torn myself down in ways i thought im not even sure, how i overcame

I always put you first no matter the cost but guess that wasnt good enough

Your minds made up 

You claim defeat

Right at the part where the magic was suppose to disperse 

Maybe its all that whispering, maybe its all that bickering.

Maybe i truly did disappoint you

Ive said sorry so much i cant even count

Its not like i cheated or did anything that was completely harsh and out of the way

I guess it was the fact that my personality and the way i handled certain arguments werent 

fuck this

…………… new edit alert

Youve got to be fucking killing me

Time and time again ive been the one to apologize  …. & for what?!?

Your childish outburst 

The mere fact that you cant have a simple adult conversation

You know what Ive picked up about you my sweet little “baby” your new to this

You dont know what love is

& on this road to figuring it out …. this mudda fucking roller coaster is tearing that ass up

You get enjoyment out of seeeing me cry and being disrespectful … why? you think its cute

You try to tear me down

& I stupidly let you

No wonder why im spazzing and tripping 

You doing your doing more damage than good

& becuase i your “lonely girl” made the mistake of putting you as my everything

I fell too deep .. Do i regret it?? No

It taught me a whole lot about myself

Ive got to build a backbone when it comes to you


As for you my sweet “Baby” , you my dare have alot of growing and learning to do

As so,do we all

But this love of mines , you broke.




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