Ice skating with FabFitFun team

Felt much better today but still feel little bit sleepy when I woke up. Got to the office much earlier than yesterday tho. Finishing up the first version of dashboard theme today and got pretty much everything done. I will be able to finish things up for the first version then improve more things as we go on. Yes, there will be more work when we launch this theme. Worked till around 7 PM then we went to ice skating with couple people in the office. It took a while to leave the office but we got there just on time for 8:30 PM session. I had so much fun skating with team at Pershing square in downtown LA. It was cold little but got warmed up right away when I started skating. We skated for a full hour then went to taco place for late dinner. Had a taco filled with bunch of peppers including habanero. I’m glad I tried this but was too spicy ended up eating 5 tacos there. Back home around 11 PM and shower. 11:51 PM now gotta go to sleep for tomorrow. Fun day! I would love to do this again!

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