Life has good parts and bad parts

So life has actually been pretty good. Trying to stay positive. I have been working for about 3 weeks now at my last job. I was suppose to be laid off but, one of my co-workers got sick. So I do not know how much longer I will be here, which makes it a bit UN-easy for me. I am taking it day by day and whatever happens happens. A couple weeks ago I had an interview to be an office assistant for a real estate brokerage.  The confusing part is that he has different phases, 4 to be exact and I have only passed one.  So, I don’t really know whats going on there. He wants me to start getting referrals for people who are wanting to sell there house ( harder then what I thought, and not really sure how to approach people with the subject). Anyways, I have e-mailed him telling him that I am trying to get the referrals but, if there way anything I could assist him with.  He is currently on vocation and said he will e-mail me when he gets back. So cross my fingers that he will actually e-mail me back and that this will work out. 

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