Over It

You are my mother and you treat me like im shit. You dont see that i try my hardest for you. You only see when i mess up. You dont care that im dying on the inside. You never seem to care about me. You only care about the child who has two kids from someone she hates. You make me feel like shit every damn day. You are a poor excuse of a mother…You have me wishing that my heart disease kills me so i dont have to deal with your crap anymore. I have had two heart attacks and you still treat me this way..I’m so over it.

One thought on “Over It”

  1. i know your upset right now….. or what you wrote makes me think your angry……. your mother probably cares deeply for you she is probably stressed…… my mom has stress and then lashes out on me …………. please dont wish to be dead ………people care………. i promise

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