So alone

Walking to school on my own is fine enough, i can survive that cause I got music on my ears anyways. Getting inside the school is another thing. Seeing all these students everywhere, everyone standing in groups. All i have to do is walk past them all and over to my classroom door and wait for the teacher to get there. All of my classmates cover the whole area, but I always find a way to sneak myself in there somehow. 

Classes are usually the part that i like, because I dont really have to worry about who to be with there. Whenever the bell rings and its time to go out, it used to be so fun finally being able to be social with friends. But no, not anymore. The ones who used to wait for me and walk out with me no longer does that. They got lots and lots of friends, i dont. I cling to the same people all year, so if they leave me im just like a lost puppy. 

I always go around looking if i see anyone im friends with. I usually dont, cause thats not many, and they walk around everywhere or do stuff thats outside of my comfortzone. So the only option i have, walk alone.

Honestly. I do walk alone. But atleast I have style and attitude. People do not think of me as the shy girl with no friends. No, im mostly known for being the silent, confident and mysterious girl. True, it does sound funny, but thats just how my attitude is. I know how to beat peoples ass and i sure as hell know the right words to say when people get me mad. But other than that, im chill. 

I got the right attitude and reputation on me, but really it also sucks. I feel too alone, noone to talk to. No matter who you are, youll always need atleast 1 person to have by your side if you need it. I wish i had that too. I feel miserable. 

2 thoughts on “So alone”

  1. Yes, everyone needs at least one friend, especially during school years. I’m sorry you’re alone, but glad you have your style and confidence. If you are a Christian, and I hope you are, you are never alone completely, because God is with you and loves you. Yes, He loves you. You don’t need to wonder. May he bless you with friends and His own Presence.

  2. I wish that you find just the right friends who will stick by your side. I’m fortunate enough to have friends who are always there, they are few, very few and it took me a lot of time, a long long time to find them. Don’t give up keep looking you’ll find them soon enough.

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