Oh, I going for a long time to write, but I couldn’t make myself to be gathered strength, I was too lazy to write in English, too lazy to upload photos… I don’t know what happened with me. But stable paint every day, the results appear better, it makes me very happy and motivates. And I continue learning English and now about 60-70% texts of “good nights journals” I can read completely without a dictionary! It’s such a cool feeling! I understand that it is not so much, for example, a film in English I freely can’t watch without subtitles, but in any case, this is my little victory, and that’s cool)
Today I went to the service center, the second time I brought my Wi Fi router for replacement, that makes me mad! I hate the quality of software and quality customer service in my small town, the seller didn’t even want to write out a receipt! Maybe I’m too picky? Yeah, I tend to take many things to heart and sharply react to conflict situations, but it really pisses me off when someone tries to cheat! The cashier didn’t want to give me a receipt so I couldn’t come next time and exchange the router, if so situation will persist. In Russia within two weeks, you can exchange the item for another if there are no any obvious defects. And in the commodity check is written the DATE of issuance of the new device. That means, if I will come back with a broken router with the old commodity check during the next two weeks, I will not exchange the router because the issue date of the old commodity check is November 18, and today 30! And I will have pass it on diagnostics and wait for the repair. But I insisted that they gave me a receipt today. Had to be rude. When I got home, started reading the forums about this model of router. A lot of people says that the routers of this firm are terrible quality and break down quickly and often.
And yet, in order not to go crazy from boredom, I started going to Hatha-Yoga and I’m ecstatic!!! After 5 sessions I can sit in real Lotus position and soon I hope to make the splits! My body is pretty flexible, I think it’s from the dance school, where I went in 16 years old))) then I twine sat) In common, all not so bad in my life, I managed not to fall into depression here, and thank God. I think Dad`s surgery will be done in the next year, it’s not well, he’s got to do it! He has serious heart disease, this fact very much disturbs me(((
There’s good news) soon will come my love and take me to Moscow, for too long we have been apart, but I am glad that I spent a lot of time with my parents, hope I will often come to them in the future…


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