Is it sad that the entire day I was at work I kept thinking I could not wait to get home and journal? I have missed being able to just get out all my thoughts and feelings. It makes me feel better physically and mentally and emotionally. Work was insane today. We had so much going on. I felt like I was being pulled in a thousand directions. Good thing about the day was my boss told me I handled the day like a champ. I make her and the department look good. That made me feel so good.  We got the large order done. It was stressful. The guy I worked with was very unhappy today because he was unable to go on break when he wanted to. He also actually had to work. You need to learn to be versatile. Jace worked today and of course I felt like my world stopped when ever we crossed paths today. The last few nights sleep has not come very easy. I will lay awake for hours just going over everything I should of done or said. By the time I do fall asleep it is almost time to wake up again. So I am going to bed early to see if it helps. I hope to have a smoother day at work. 

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