There Is A Morning After The Storm…

Today is a bit better….

We are talking and Debbie’s mood is much improved.

I had feared the worst as last night was borderline disaster.

Our area was hit by severe storms and our cell phones went off at about 2:00 am with a tornado alert! Debbie seemed to panic or maybe it was that I was asleep, but she wanted me to get Mags collar and lead, and I told her I would get it when I went downstairs to go to work. But it was about her fear that should we be hit by a tornado or a tree fell on our home then Maggs would have her identity and not be put down if picked up since she is a Pit Bull. I grumbled and cussed as I stumbled in the dark and without my glasses. I retrieved the collar and lead and I flopped on the bed.

I was awakened by a light beside me, not a flash of lightning, but the damn bright light of her cell phone. I do not know what she was doing but it woke me up! I get up for work at 5:00 am and that hour was rapidly racing towards me and I needed some sleep. I told her to turn it off as I could not sleep and she responded that I was snoring!

Well I be damned, I must have been talking in my sleep and I was not awake?!?!?…*wtf*

She quelled the light and I fell back asleep and when my alarm did go off I found she was curled up at the foot of the bed with Maggs.

Since she has been off with her surgery she has taken to staying up late playing video games or on Facebook till the wee hours of the night (morning). Many nights when i am ready to go to sleep she is still watching television or on a device which is just as bright when it is next to you.

I think this disruption in my sleep habits has caused a lot of our stress, I don’t know…

Anyway, today is a better day.

The weather made work not much fun, I was like a drown rat most of the day. Thankfully with the numbness in my feet I was not real sure if my boots were leaking or not…*lmao* find the bright spot in everything! The rain is a blessing as it has extinguished the local forest fires, but unfortunately it came to late to save much of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and much of the Smoky Mountains. Business, homes and lives were lost in the tragic blaze that devoured that area. I keep them all in my prayers.

I am moving my model building supplies and materials upstairs in to a spare room across the hall from our bedroom. Maybe she will feel better as I think she feels like I am avoiding her by being downstairs looking up stuff online or tinkering with a model.

I am currently fascinated with the Horton Ho 229, a prototype flying wing developed by Germany during WWII. The 229 is a very interesting subject, I think The United States of America used the technology to build the Northrup XB 35, and eventually to building the Northrup Grumman B 2.   

Today I did a little Christmas Shopping and I found a nice HP laptop with a 17″ screen. 8gb and 1 tb of storage, appears to be a decent machine and has good reviews, only thing is the sound system is lacking because the speakers are on the bottom? If I get it I will of course upgrade to wireless stereo speakers and a sub woofer. I will be able to connect to the internet via our WiFi. Thus giving me more time upstairs.

Years ago I was diagnosed as a Type II Bipolar, along with the ADD and other issues, and when I get all scattered brained like this, my thoughts going off in a dozen different directions I often wonder that they were correct? I stopped all medication 15 years ago and i guess I am alright? Oh well…. 

All for today.

Lets keep that happy feeling and the smile going!

I bid you peace.

In the next County lots of homes were damaged or totally destroyed and a husband and wife were killed. Such a tragedy at the Holiday Season.

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  1. I’m glad you are praying for the victims of the Gatlinburg fires. It is so upsetting to think of all that forestland being destroyed. That used to be my family’s vacation spot. We stayed in a little cabin, very basic, with a stream running by it. I wanted to live there! Anyhow, glad to know you’re praying. Thank you.

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