To be Continued

I’ve never been in a healthy romantic relationship. From excessive alcohol to cocaine addictions (my exs, not myself) right up to torturing mental abuse. I kept falling into these relationships thinking I can save these people.

My family relationships have always been rocky for one reason or another, and at this point in time they are near to non-existent.

My friendships seem to deteriorate due to loss of contact and busy lives. Some have/had done me wrong, and some I have messed up on my own by doing what I thought was right at the time.

I have had my ups and downs, and it has taken years to get where I am today. I have faced many obstacles. Some took longer to overcome than others. Eventually I will write about these, but for now I am going to write about what’s happening in my life starting a couple months back, when I decided to move away for school.

This chapter in my life is just beginning. There is no end yet and I have no idea where this journey is going to leave me in the end.

One thought on “To be Continued”

  1. Welcome to Goodnight Journal! We care about your journey. You have survived a LOT.
    Good for you! Keep on keeping on, dear. I will watch for your next journal. God bless.

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