Wednesday and Thursday.

I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t even get to write. I’ll play catch-up now.

What’s my typical Wednesday like? I work from 8 to 5 at my job. The girl I share my space with works a different office on Wednesdays, and she’s the one who always picks what music we listen to. So on Wednesday I get to play what I want. It’s usually music from Lord of the Rings, Loot Crate’s Spotify playlists, or boy bands from the 90s. Not sure why these are my go-tos at work, but it sets the mood right. 

After work I spend all of Wednesday night studying. Usually biostats. It used to be one of the nights I play D&D, but with classes all day Tuesdays, work Wednesday, and back to work on Tuesday, there’s not much room to do work in between classes without skipping D&D. It’s a shame because I haven’t been able to play in weeks. 

So, onto Thursdays. Thursdays are just a wash, rinse repeat of Tuesday. But this is the day I have my policy class, which I have really enjoyed. The professor used to be head of the health department, HRSA, and was an advisor to one our senators for many years. He is a great man and I enjoy learning about politics and public health from him. You can tell he really cares about people. He’s also been assigned as my mentor through my other master’s program. I hope that he’ll be able to help me pick a good internship site where I can integrate primary prevention and primary care. He is a sweet man. 

I actually had my policy presentation today. We had to take a topic from Healthy People 2020, develop a policy statement, and use MAP-IT to develop a strategy to implement it. I was so nervous all day. I was more fidgety than I have been in a long time, I rehearsed and rehearsed, I redid my slides so many times. That’s actually why I was so busy yesterday that I didn’t get to writing. I was up late working on it. I could tell that I was boring the class; people could hardly keep their eyes open. Then again, it is a three-hour class on Friday nights and even I have struggled many times to stay awake in it. I won’t take it personally. I just hope I score well on it cuz it is worth a ton of my grade. 

I have decided to not eat sweets for the month of December. I don’t know why I started eating them again. That was a bad idea. Probably wouldn’t have gained so much weight so fast if I had stayed away from it. 


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