when you dont

When you don’t have enough money to buy a dollar store Christmas present for you children, nevermind buy them a Christmas tree with pretty lights. I wish I had the money to afford to buy the material to make them special Christmas presents, and the ability and creativity to do it. I’m so sick, and if I get out of bed, I get sicker and weaker. He doesn’t help. I feel so alone. I just want to be healthy and strong again. I want to be like all those mom’s you see, and know, that have energy and drive and health. I feel like a failure as a mother. I am a failure of a mother. Sometimes I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up, but then I know no one would be there for my precious kids. He just couldn’t handle it alone, he can’t handle it with me for a whole day. I am a failure …through and through. 

2 thoughts on “when you dont”

  1. Dear Mimi, you are not a failure. Your greatest strength is your love for your children. It shines brightly like a beacon in a lighthouse. They know they are loved because you show them. No one could ever ever take your place. If you are sick and have to be in bed a lot, that’s just a turn that life takes sometimes. I will pray for you to be stronger and happier. God loves you. Never forget that! He cherishes you like you cherish your little ones, because you are His little girl forever. Hang in there and keep being a wonderful loving mother. Blessings and love!

  2. but you have given your children a present….its you. you love them and it shows. your a great mother, you are NOT a failure i promise

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