Being house poor is the best type of suckiness, I guess.

So, we bought the house. And we LOVE it. But it turns out that when you buy a house you have to pay for it. Ew! We seriously have not been up to much lately, until we figure out the long term logistics, which is starting to drive us a little bit mad. Or at least its starting to drive me mad. I’ve never watched so much TV in my life… And believe me, that’s saying something. There hasn’t been a lot of money floating around for fun. Unless you consider appliances fun, which I’m not going to lie, I kind of do now. But, there’s definitely something to be said about getting out of the house on a regular basis. Keeps the brain functional.

Anyway, needless to say with our limited funds, I have yet to procure a gym membership. I have however, tried to set up a semi respectable space in one of our spare bedrooms. It has all the basics… And I haven’t used it ONCE. That is going to change though. I have set a goal, to work out 3 times per week until the end of Dec. Then I’ll take on the New Year as it comes after that. Maybe we’ll be able to manage a membership by then. But I need to do something with myself. I’m literally starting to fall apart. I’ve managed to figure out why for the most part, but nothing will scare the shit out of you like losing your hair at a frightening rate for 3 months straight. Time to get my ass in gear! And my health. One day at a time.

One thought on “Being house poor is the best type of suckiness, I guess.”

  1. Dear Lady….the first thing that comes to my mind is, make a habit of walking around the block at least once a day. That costs nothing and will get you out of the house, and be good for your health, all at the same time. I used to do this every single day—I have slacked off, but—-it was so good for me and I lost weight. I used it as a prayer-walk time. I could seem to focus better when walking. Sitting in a chair my mind goes every direction except prayer. What I’m saying is, make the walk a ritual. Have a Thanksgiving walk, with prayers about all you are thankful for. And a friendship walk (pray for your friends). Be creative. Have all kinds of walks. Know that when you walk,Jesus walks with you and hears your prayers. It can change your life, actually. Best wishes and hugs.

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