Day 278 – Art 2

Thursday, December 1st 2016

Today was good, but long. I woke up at 6 am to take a shower. Realising I still got time, I went back to half-sleep for 30mins, before waking up again and getting ready to leave to the art event. When I got there my group was one of the first for breakfast. While eating, there was the national anthem, which we stood up for. When it was done, we sat back down, but everyone was still sitting up because they were doing a prayer. We suddenly remembered we’re in a Catholic school and I stood up, but my group remained seated. It was a little awkward, but oh well. We know now for tomorrow.

We then got ready to go to an activity. While doing so, I heard someone play laventer town and game of thrones on the trombone. Inside the big gym, we drawed models, rotating spots now and then. I decided to expose one of them for tomorrow, which was the last one I did, cause I added a bit of my own creativity to it instead of just what was shown.

Then we ate lunch? Idk, some activities might be mixed up, because I’m really tired.

We then went to see a show which was really cool. There was a video on the big screen and a woman was drawing on the video, and her drawings would move as she was drawing then… The singer is called Daran, for those interested. You can easily find him on YouTube by typing Daran in. 

After the show, we went to do some activities which involved making a ridiculous suit jacket, or at least, our group decided to, and another boring bingo kind of thing that I do at school every first class which requires for you to be social, and I’m not, so don’t like it. We also had to describe a drawing and someone had to draw it without seeing the original.

I then went to my own activity and the one I picked as an alertenative isn’t exactly what I thought it was. It was sticking newspaper and making it a painting kind of thing. The teacher showed us examples of his and it’s really good, but when I do it, looks like a child’s painting. We took a break after 3 hours for supper, which was pasta and Alfredo sauce (I was really happy with that), and returned for another 3 hours. I almost cried over my painting cause I don’t like 90% of my paintings, which is why I only paint with watercolour, cause it’s the only painting medium I like, and my back hurt. To make it worse, the lady behind me was really talented, so now I was comparing myself when I know I shouldn’t. Though when the activity was done, we were shown a couple of short films and we left.

I’m home. I’m tired. I liked this day, but regretted my class choice. At least the teacher really tried to help me. Tomorrow will be better, though, I can feel it.

That’s all for today.

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