I heard that russian language and similar languages some related russian are sound for foreigners like SSsSSs SH SH like sizzle hahaaa))) is it true?)))))))))) Media  within) 

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  1. Yes, they sound alike. What is even more confusing is the Russian alphabet. For example my (maiden) last name in Russian (spelled in English) is Savasin. When spelled correctly in the Russian alphabet it ends up being a word that sounds like Shacavich and looks like: Савасин.
    It took me to adulthood to discover that my last name was actually a Russian last name. When my ancestors came to America – the last name got managled at Ellis Island. I was also dumb founded to learn that they way my family pronounced it was completely wrong!

  2. Wow! Yes, it`s realy russian last name. The basis of such last name was the Church`s christian name Sevastian(Севастьян), English form of this name is Sebastian. Sounds similar. And Савасин in russian sounds not like Shacavich, it sounds as is, [savasin].

  3. Exactly. Some one who didn’t know know the Russian alaphet read it in it’s orginal form, but tried to pronounce it English. I originally was led to believe this happened directly because my family tried to Americanize it, but learned it happened when some one tried reading the ship’s manifest in English, but the manifest itself was Russian.

    I love the sound of the Russian language. It sounds like a hushed lullabye.

  4. I impressed your genes) russians and plus Mexicans) Mexicans are ancestors of ancient civilizations!!! My dream is to visit Mexico… ahhh how I want it)

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