Life changing journey

There was a time I really just wanted to give up on life completely. But since i was so curious about my future, i instead decided to go study abroad. I went to my mothers home country in asia and stayed with my family, i also attended a school. My journey there lasted for a complete 5 months and It made big changes in my life. 

It was my first time there as a teenager, and I was really shy at first. I kept staying to myself and not really bonding much with my cousins. After a week maybe, I got closer to my family members and opend up more. I saw how close everyone was to eachothers there, and I wanted to be a part of that aswell. That way, I had lots and lots of experiences with my family members. We went to beaches all the time, salt water always made my hair sticky but it was fun. Sitting on the back of a motorcykle at night time is my favorite experince. Feeling the wind against your face was wonderful, but the best part was looking straight up in the dark at the stars. Beautiful. 

After 1 month it was time for me to stop having fun and instead experince how its like to go to a school there. I moved to a bigger city 1 hour away from my families place. I went to a private school. Sadly I did not really get to experince what it was like to attend classes there, cause i was always too shy to go inside the classrooms. Still I got contact with my classmates there and made friends. 

The students there really liked me there even tho I wasnt there often. Many times I was there people constantly wanted to take pictures with me there, i felt like a celebrity. They all wanted to be friends with me, and i got compliments all the time. I felt so good, ive never been appriciated so much before, i wasnt invicible anymore. 

The attention i got in that country, was a giant confidence boost. In the city handsome boys always looked like me and i felt like a model. The adults always told me that i should consider becoming an actor. When I told them my age they always got suprised. It felt awesome like that. Mostly the only reason why i got so much attention was either because I’m foreign, or its just because my hair was bright pink at that time, which was incredibly cool for them. 

Thought there were people who did not like me. Lots and lots of rumors were made about how bad I am. Teachers told students not to become friends with me because im a bad influence, and also students calling me bad stuff behind my back. Its ok though, it gave me experince and now i know how to handle things. 

After being there, getting to know what its like having a family. What its like to be noticed. What its like to be loved. I became confident and my flaws where gone. I came back to my home country in October, and at that time I had changed into something bigger and brighter. 


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  1. In which country did you went? I went to live in Dubai for a year and I felt like shit. No one in school would talk to me I was an alien. Everyone in class was to sit together in a group of two but no one was willing to sit with me I don’t know why but this was a long long time ago.
    I ‘m a celebrity in my own country you know what I mean. That experience of whole year alone changed me too for better and yes living with a big family is awesome.

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