Life Update

I haven’t really been on here in a while. I still really haven’t made more friends and I’m kind of in a weird way okay with that. I recently started a new job, which i enjoy a lot. That tends to keep me busy in between school and spending time with my family. We just recently decorated for Christmas, and for some reason this year i was really excited to decorate. I made sure everything was perfectly placed. I usually don’t enjoy Christmas too much. I love being with all of my close and distant relatives, i just normally hate decorating, the music, and all of that stuff. I finally had the money to buy all of my family members the gifts that i believe they deserve and i am beyond excited to give them to them. I really hope they like their gifts! I am eligible for my license test in a little over a month and I’m a little nervous. I don’t practice much, but when i do it comes so naturally so i feel like ill pass, but just the fact that i don’t practice a lot scares me. I guess i could say my life has been going pretty well. Im not dead so i guess thats something to be grateful for. I just recently got back from vacation so I’m a little behind in school so that sucks, but I’m starting to think that things are looking up for me. God do i hope they are!

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