My Bestfriend

I have no right to complain that i have no friends at all. Actually, I do have one friend thats constantly by my side, atleast when she can. She and I are polar opposites, we are so different but still so great friends somehow. Her story is something that breaks my heart, and she is a big part of making my story a better place. 

We didnt meet until grade 8th, the first year of highschool. She was always the girl that had so much confidence. She have already had a big passion and talent for singing, such a powerful voice! Though it was beautiful, people did not like that she was so confident. She had a bad habit of always talking back at people, commenting on them even thought it was not necessary. Other students did not like her, and i didnt really mind her at all. She was getting bullied everyday all the time. It was sad, and she felt like hell. But still, she is so incredible and stayed confident on herself, and never let the other bring her down. 

I on the other side, there was me. The silent girl that never really spoke to people, cause I never thought it was necessary since i always stayed away from others business. Drama has always been something I avoid as good as i can. True, that was people did not really see any reason to be friends with me, and i was lonely. 

It took about half a year into grade 8th until we became friends, like, best friends. She decided to stay by me to avoid getting bullied cause drama always stays away from me. I stood by her aswell so I didnt have to be alone all the time. It wasnt anything serious at first, but then we ended up helping eachothers out and became the best of friends. 

On the other hand, her bullying did not stop. People kept pushing her around and making her school day miserable. She complained to the adults, teachers. Nothing changed, and she didnt have any other choice but to change to a private school. It sucked because that means i would have to find other ways to survive the school day. But its ok. Changing schools for her ended up being the right choice. She became more social and got lots and lots of friends. Her depression ended aswell, I’m happy for her. 

Ofcourse, we stayed bestfriends. She and I are together every weekend, and she basiclly lives at my house now haha. We have plans for the future, and hopefully they will come true. 

That one girl means everything to me. Never have i ever had a friend like her. I really do hope our friendships lasts for a long long time, without her I dont even know if I would still be on this planet. I love you girl, and i just want you to know that you are everything to me.

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  1. How lovely! I never had a friendship like that. I had a sister, and that was a blessing when we got older (a lot older!) —cause we used to fight like cats and dogs. We both got saved on the same night at a Baptist Youth Picnic, and we obviously were not as mean to each other after that. Now (in our sixties) we are close friends. But I never had a friend like you describe. You are so blessed!! I hope it lasts forever! And I believe it will!

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