The night before last The Man received his holiday bonus check via Fed Express. It was grey and humid outside. The threat of rain growing ever stronger. The Man was on edge. I was on edge. To rectify our uneasiness we hopped in the car and decided to drive one town over to do some shopping and get some dinner.

As we neared the enterance to the interstate the rain came crashing down in sideways sheets of torrential, pounding water. The Man made a last minute decision as we reached the on ramp. He went left instead of right.

“It’s raining too hard,” He explained. “I’m not taking the highway in this mess. We’d crash for sure.” Instead he drove us to his work which was near by. As we reached a parking spot at the facility my cellphone started blaring.

Tornado Watch In This Area Until 6pm. Take shelter now. Check local media.

We debated getting out of the car, but ended up staying put. After a short while the wind and rain died down and we resumed our trip.

Later on that night I was watching the news. There were reports of a EF1 tornado touched down in the same area that we were going to. If we hadn’t pulled off the road and parked we would have driven right into it.

Sometimes you just gotta listen to your gut.



2 thoughts on “Tornado”

  1. Wow. What a compelling experience. God was watching over you, Goddess. I’m so glad you’re okay.

  2. No one was hurt by this particular tornado (just lots of property damage), but sadly there were a few the day before and there are many injured and 7 dead.

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