A few days ago, I was doing sushi! It was very interesting to try in the first time)) My parents bought ingredients. I did the layers of rice and toppings, then roll them into rolls and shape) then mum cut them) When I`ll arrive to Moscow, I will do them often, I love their taste and easy in stomach!) Yesterday did some advertising layouts for the customer. In the evening at 8:00 p.m. went to yoga. The class was complicated: on strength and endurance, but I liked it. During the day I ate only a bowl of cereal and drank two cups of coffee. So 1.5 hours of yoga was given me with pleasure and without discomfort. When I came home, drank water and ate a bowl of shredded carrots with 1 tablespoon of sour cream and 2 teaspoons sugar)))) this morning I thought that it was a mistake, because my face is swollen, the body somehow detained a lot of water))) in the balance was +1 kg) ha-ha) and muscles ached, at first, I was a little upset, but then thought that it is not necessary to be upset, there is nothing to worry)  two days I don’t draw. Do not want to do it, need some interruption, I want to learn English. However soon will resume drawing, when I`ll feell  famine for it) My brother and his wife have opened their own store with fruits and vegetables. Going to make advertising signs for. I’m happy for them!

Today I just laze ) reading, serfing in web, cooking, talked with mum.

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