Bath or shower? shower
Straight or curly hair? curly
Favorite movie? don’t have one
Favorite holiday? Christmas
Android or iPhone? iPhone
Texting or call? depends on who it is
Facebook or twitter? facebook if I have to pick one
Favorite type of food? sweets
Dream job? pastry chef
Favorites pizza? Jimmy’s
Favorite cake? cinnamon cake with white frosting
Talking or fighting? talking
Night or day? day
Summer or winter? Summer
Makeup or no makeup? none
Favorite TV show? Chopped
Hair up or down? both
Jeans or leggings? both
Painted or none painted nails? either
Favorite color? blue
T-shirt or dress shirt? t-shirt
Flip flops or sneakers? flip flops
Big purse or small? big
How many tattoos? 0
How many piercings? 2
Diamonds or pearls? diamonds
Favorite animal? cats and dogs
Rap or country music? not really either these days
Sports or couch? Both

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