Rainy days

I both love and hate rainy days. 

I hate being caught in the middle of them with no coat, but I love how significant they are. We notice when it is a rainy day. Some look up into the sky any are annoyed. Some people are sad. Some people are happy. Either way, it provokes something. We remember things that happened on rainy days or emotions they provoked. 

Rarely do we ever take notice of the sunny days. It is so much easier to complain that compliment.

Today’s rain is a reminder to me to express my gratitude. My cup runs over with joy and opportunities everyday. Even the smallest pieces make up a bigger picture. 


One of my favorite rules to live by is 

“At least one good thing happens every single day. At least one. Even on the most terrible day. If you can find that good thing, you will be okay.”

Lots of love,


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