Birthday success

 I decided I would go to the birthday. I first went to buy her a gift at the mall, took a while for me to find something but I did in the end.

The birthday was a success, im really glad i decided to join after all. When I got there, my old friend was there aswell, havent seen her in a long time so I was really happy. Even tho she mostly stayed to herself it was nice seeing her again. And the guy that i have an awkward past with, wasnt that awkward this time. This time i actually didnt avoid him, last time i just ran away actually. Hes a fun guy, fun to be around and everyone liked him aswell.

When I first got there, I ended up being the only one whos late. There wasnt that many as i thought. The birthday girls only invited the people that she gets along with well, that I also easily get along with too. 

They were all crazy and dancing and singing and so on. I didnt really participate in all that fun because its not really what i do. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy. Watching my friends have so much joy made me happy, seing them smile was entertaining. 

We did get alittle trouble when we were sitting around the table eating pizza. The birthday girl both cried and smiled. She was crying because one of her friends was not enjoying, but still it all ended up well in the end. While we were sitting there, we were all talking about past experiences. Fun stories and how our lives are and stuff. 

We went to the city at around 9pm because we were going to the cinema. Popcorn, soda, lollipops and chocolate each of us had with us, everyone shared (because I was so smart to forget to bring). The movie was good. Mostly while we were sitting there, my two friends were laughing throught the whole movie. The other people there probably got really annoyed because my friends are so loud. We probably should have thought more about them aswell, but yeah, we were too in the moment having fun to worry about that. 

After the movie everyone seperated ways. Both of the guys went together. And my other friend lives not far, but she was too scared to walk in the city alone since it was almost midnight and there was alot of drunk people. Saturday nights are like that, no suprise. We decided to follow her so far that we can see her place. Alot of drunk people, many of them even mistook us for drinking alcohol when we really where just drinking energy drinks. 

The night was fun. Im glad i decided to join them. Hopefully this is not the last time we do something like this. 

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  1. Wait! You can take edibles in cinema? Where I live you can’t bring along any, you can only buy them once you are inside and inside edibles are damn expensive!!!

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