Day 279 – Art 3 (final)

Friday, December 2nd 2016

Today was really good, but exhausting. For the past 3 days, my mind has been awake and energetic with inspirations and creations, but my body was about to just fall to the floor and shut down right then and there.

This entry will also look like I put not much care into it probably, because I’m exhausted and it’s almost midnight, so I have to be quick enough. I don’t have to wake up for anything tomorrow, though, so I can wait until 11:59 if I have to.

I started the day by getting breakfast at the school at 7 am. We were given eggs that were liquidy, so might of been sort of powder eggs, that aren’t real eggs. Didn’t really eat much of it, just tried not to waste a lot of it, so I ate maybe half, but there was bacon and fruits, which was nice. The toast tasted kind of off, not sure what was.

We then took pictures with a teacher from another school that knows our teacher, for an activity, so had to take a family styled photo, that kind of stuff. Plus our teacher wanted pictures to put on our school’s Facebook and such (gonna take a look at that after this entry).  Funny cause for 70% of the event, we didn’t even have a teacher supervise us. Maybe cause we were only 4 compared to other schools, so it wasn’t as needed.

Then there was a short meeting and we went to an art museum. Our tourist was showing us modern and contemporary art, but some modern art I just… One was just recoloured soap boxes of an already made logo and such, and they give a meaning behind it and all, and sure, one modern art piece had car doors encased by animal skin, and supported by a refrigerator (the horizontal, cooler styled one), and it’s well put together, and has good meaning, everything representing native traditions, but when it’s a recolour box with “this represents blah, done” and looks like it has no effort, then no. I just… No.

We free roamed the museum a bit, took some pictures, then headed back to eat lunch. I made a macaroon with a Batman symbol on it. Speaking of which, next entry I’ll have pictures of my favourite pieces I made during the event. Can’t really do it in this one, since I’m in bed.

We then went to our activities (I had costume design) and I had a lot of fun in mine. This girl with a lazy eye and slightly unsymmetrical face, but it didn’t bother me at all and she reminded a lot of me in terms of her style (glasses, T-shirt of thing she likes on it, jeans), came up to me and said “You have a Doctor Who shirt, so I’ll be sitting with you.” She liked a lot of things I did, such as Doctor Who, anime, metal, Sherlock, Harry Potter, was really smart, only thing is that she was a Trekkie and she only watched a part of a Star Wars movie and she was meh about it, but I don’t mind. I can understand why she’d prefer Star Trek. I love the idea, but it just doesn’t really keep my attention. I only like the recent Trek movies. Anyway, she inspired me to do a costume design of Snape, genderbend and younger. Even though it was rushed with watercolour, it was really nice in the end. She made a Kaneki Ken genderbend and her art intimidated me. She’s skilled at drawing bodies. Also, I accidentally cut off one of my earbuds while cutting paper… Oops.

Then we had our exposition and supper. My parents came to see what I did and my dad said he immediately recognized that my costume design was from me by the hair, even though last time I showed him hair that I drew was a long, long time ago, but he said it was the style that was familiar to him.

After looking for my group of friends, my parents left and we listened to a band called Paysagistes while everyone was drawing. I drew the band and we expected a fashion show for the suit jackets we decorated, but there wasn’t any finally, probably since people kept asking for an encore from the band. I grabbed my art with my friends and my dad picked me up. At home I talked about the event and everything with my dad, mom and brother and yeah.

That’s all for today.

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