I hate the fact that you are supposed to love your family. Like as soon as you’re born everyone just instantly loves you. I honestly do not think that is fair. What if I’m a completely horrible person and i do not deserve to be loved. What if i don’t want to love everyone. That probably makes me a shitty person, but i honestly do not want to love everyone in my family unconditionally. TBH they make me feel like shit half of the time so I’m sorry if its wrong of me to not want to love who hurts me. 

3 thoughts on “Family”

  1. I see where you are coming from lakegirl16. I have family that treat me like shit too. it is your choice to choose rather you want your family in your life or not. and i hate when people say your suppose to just love your family. some of my family does drugs n stuff. so am i suppose to love them too? i get it girl your not a bad person.

  2. I thought about this quite a lot for many years now. “Family” is an over-abused situation, period. People build this ideal society and cast it out there and assume that we all must abide by the same beliefs they have. Unfortunately, we all grow up with media inputs that make suggestive thoughts with this guise of what and who we ought to be loyal to, but that just doesn’t work, now does it? As a person, we are quite unique and each family is quite unique. As we grow up into adulthood, we either have that internal support from relatives, or we may not. Like you, I am not treated well by family members but I do not allow them to continually hurt me just because we’re related by blood. It used to bother me and I would actually try to accommodate those who would hurt me because they were a relative. Why? I had felt guilty after they ganged up on me and gave me that “talk” about loyalty. Eventually, I came to learn that I owe nobody anything, let alone outsiders who really had no idea of the truth. The only person I owed anything to was myself. Keep your chin up, you love who you want and you don’t let anyone make you feel bad for it.

  3. I have treated well by family for as long as I can remember I also remember the beating I used to get when I would do something horribly wrong but still my family loves me and I live my family too.
    As for relatives I can’t say anything but in family loving a brother means you stop him if he is doing drugs not love him even tough he do drugs loving means you stop him from doing that.
    What kind of hard time your parents give you? In what way they make you feel like shit? Often we perceive things in a different it may be that they see something awfully bad in what we see as true and honest.
    Only solution is to talk to them. Tell them that you don’t love them And tell them why you don’t them tell them what you want and tell them how you feel.

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