I am writing this early Saturday morning. I need to take the time to write, but my entries are all disjointed because I have no time to edit them. It’s okay. It’s more raw that way, right? Just as if you were really writing in a paper journal. 

And this one is late. I got home really late.

Fridays are another day spent at work. There are fewer providers in, though; only one doctor and one PA. Most of the staff only works half days, but one other MA and I work all day. Friday is the day to clean out the machines and restock the rooms. 


But, because I am also the wellness specialist, I had a lot to do to prepare for the next month’s activities. 

And, because I’m also a student, I had to go up to campus after work for a couple of hours,


And because Friday is date night, I took my husband to see Fantastic Beasts. I knew he would like it. 

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