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Today I had work. I had to go outside. Usually going outside means an eventful day. A few steps outside my house I realised my trousers were shorter than usual. Had I gone taller? Had my trousers gone shorter? Had I accidentally worn someone else’s? I went back to the house and found that they were in fact mine. I loosened them a bit to make them look longer and decided it would look fine, “everyone gets shorter in height as the the day goes on” I told myself.

On the train to work I tried to get some shut eye, I had not much sleep. After a while I realised someone was sitting right next to me. How had I not managed to hear them? I opened my eyes to find a girl. Yes a girl sitting next to me. This does not happen very often and in fact never happens when there are other seats available. I looked around to see if there were other empty seats, there were a few. Why had she sat next to me? Did she want me to speak to her? Did she want my number? She couldn’t have wanted me to speak to her as I looked asleep. I caught her looking at me for a second in the corner of my eye, so I decided look at her a few times to see if she’d look back but she didn’t. I sat there wondering why she chose the seat next to me and eventually came up with a theory. I had been leaning forward and against the window while trying to sleep. When she had come into the train she would have looked for an empty row of seats. When she looked in my direction the row of seats would have seemed empty due to my position, she’d have walked up to my seat only to realise that someone was sitting there. After finding me there she would have decided to sit down next to me as finding another seat is too much effort. She got up one stop before her destination to sit somewhere else. She didn’t like me after all.

I didn’t have the energy at work to work on my social skills so I was quiet most of the time. I was caught off guard by a girl who looked in a hurry, she stopped right next to me and asked me my name, I told her it and she said she wouldn’t remember it so I told her my nickname. She then told me her name and then rushed off.  Had she said something after she told me her name? Was I supposed to follow her? I didn’t hear anything. I spent rest of the time at work wondering what happened and if I had missed something.

The train home was cancelled so I ended up having to catch the one after it, unfortunately it was packed and I was squashed between an mature lady, a guy and a girl. That’s the closest I’ve been to a women all year.

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