Lazy days

I’m pretty sure we all have these kind of days. Days where you really just dont want to go out, you would much rather lay in bed all day and just forget the world. Even if you have plans, you still dont want to get out of bed and instead just ditch those plans. 

Today is one of those days for me. I need to go to the mall, and get my friend a birthday present. She will celebrate her birthday today later on, it will just be a few friends and then the cinema later on. My parents are not home today, so resting at home all day sounds wonderful, but then again, declining my invitation might be really dissapointing for her. 

Some people that im guarantied that will be awkward for me are coming, and that makes me alittle anxious since I have a really emberassing past with one of them. Its a long time ago so its not that bad really. Just me who is lazy today and dont really want to encounter any awkward situations where i have to think alot. 

So what exacly do I do? Last year she had a bowling birthday, this year its a movie theatre birthday. Should i go? Or should I not? 

3 thoughts on “Lazy days”

  1. I think you should go, it’s your friend, if she wasn’t fair enough. But u might care for her presence in the future and she might be in the same position as you are now. If you tell her how you are feeling “lazy” but still turned up , she will remember this day and show up to whatever matters to you

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