My Friday diary

Already a Friday. Woke up little tired from drinking last night at Dosung’s place. I think I got back around 1 AM and went sleep around 1:30 AM. Actually felt pretty good for staying up that late with drinking some beer. Today, I worked on a new offer page and main navigation changes on the new dashboard theme. Got all of them done around 4 PM and spent last 2 hours for researching things for autosave. It doesn’t seem that easy to implement but I need to spend more time to see what’s the best way to go. Went to Shake Shack for dinner with Anton and Caesar after work. I had a burger with beer then got a fries after cause I wasn’t very full. We drove to In and Out to get more food but ended up not getting anything lol. Anton dropped me off at my place after that then I went out for Friday night skate at Santa Monica. I was hesitated little bit cause the weather was chilly but ended up going there. Despite a chilly weather, I really enjoyed skating for 2 hours. Hope we have more people coming but still just skating around it self makes me feel good and happy. Had a glass of beer after the skate with Dan and drove right back to home. 12:50 AM now and am so ready to sleep. Goodnight all and have a great weekend.

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