Saturday December 3rd

I’m still crazy busy trying to sell all of my stuff. I have had 3 phone interviews for jobs in NYC. The phone interview is really just a screening to see if they are interested in actually interviewing me. I feel pretty confident that I am going to get a job, though.  These have all been charter schools. They seem amazing from their web sites. The reviews on from employees are not always flattering, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I work long hours now. At least there, you are somewhat rewarded for hard work, unlike here where I could be giving my kids coloring sheets every day and make the same money. Most of the charter schools’ web sites say that they pay more than the regular public schools. The regular public schools pay enough for me to live on, so anything more than that is good with me. I am chomping at the bit to get there and get going. It’s going to be tough to stay here and finish the year. 

Packing up and selling stuff is really making me think about my possessions. How much of this crap have I schlepped around from house to house and I never use. It really needs to go. 

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