Weekly Reflections

It was nice to be back at work catching up with the people I care for and the colleagues I work with .. as usual it kept me busy with not enough hours in the day but there were a few highlights along the way with new challenges to come.

The evenings were generally peaceful and productive with the clink of more than a few coins .. I booked a trip away, paid some bills and donated two loans to a couple of entrepreneurs trying to get on in poorer countries.

The weekly drama I had been immersed in came to its final climax and I wound down most evenings to the sounds of mellow magic on the radio.

Friday night I met up with my daughter and her boyfriend and bought my son and his girlfriend a super warm and lightweight jacket to start their Christmas parcels .. it was busy walking under the twinkling lights and make believe snow but with the jackets the only thing on my agenda and a trip to lush my daughter loves we ended our festive scene with dinner at Wasabi before the underground hop home again.

By half eleven I took my weary body to bed only for my mind and soul to suddenly wander and after a frustrated hour got up and stayed up until three am, by which point I fell asleep before the tweeting of the birds.

I woke at just past eight again and after counting how many hours of sleep I had had in my first thoughts I decided to get up with a bright start on this fresh new day.

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