wegner diesease GPA

My name is Dianna, I am 28 years old and have 5 children, four boys and one girl. I am also married to a wonderful guy named Jason. We have been married for ten years in march. July 30th 2016 my life turned upside down. I got sick around march of 2016 with spitting up blood, joints hurting, couldn’t breathe, and my toes and fingers turning blue. I kept going back and forth to the doctors. the could never figure out what was wrong with me. so on july 30th I was rushed to the emergency room cause my foot was turning really blue and I couldn’t use the bathroom. once I got to the ER the doctor there told me that my kidneys was shutting down and they would have to rush me to Vanderbuilt medical center in TN. (I live in KY).  so once I got to vanderbuilt they started running all these test on me cause they couldn’t figure out what was causing my kidneys to shut down. the next day the doctor came in and told me he had some devastating news. the news was I had GPA also known as wegners disease. at first I was like what is that. then soon found out it was an autoimmune disease. and that was causing my organs to shut down. they started me on all this medication and put me on dyalisis for my kidneys. I soon ask the doctor what was this GPA and he let me know that the disease I have is worse than cancer and there is no cure for it. that was the most devastating day of my life. all I could think about was my kids and how if I past they would hurt. this disease has messed me up so much mentally and physically. it has ate my toe all the way off. it has cause me to get rashes, makes my bones sore. and mentally it has drained me cause I know I am going to die from this disease and I don’t want to leave my hubby and kids behind. the life I live is not fun at all and I am always on edge because of it. does any one else have this disease or know anyone with it?

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