Today I ate nothing for 24 hours. Last week I have practiced similar fasting. I decided to practice it one day every week.The next day after fasting, I eating a very light meal. I like to control my body. The effect of day fasting is not so much in weight loss how to cleanse and feel ease the body as a whole. The day after the fasting I was doing yoga, it was the best my class, I felt much stronger and hardy!

7 thoughts on “Fasting”

  1. i fast 16 hours and eat within an 8 hour period, but i always eat too much afterwards.

  2. I fast each and everyday for whole moth once in a year. Starting form sunrise to sunset.

  3. Actually Yes. It is related to religious but there is no denying its healthy effects. We also fast any day, any time of the year but the timing remains the same, no eating or drinking from sunrise to sunset .

  4. This month of the year called “RAMADAN”, in religion of islam, a nice experience that can a person do in his life ^^

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