Fire pt. 1

So i think i might be a horrible person, but please let me explain myself. So awhile ago, about freshman year which is well over 5 years ago, i dated the love of my life. I was completely infatuated with him. I was obsessed but if you saw him you cant blame me, he was like no other person i’ve met before. Well anyways he would lie to me, but i didnt really care because i loved him. Right? But anyways, i knew we couldnt last, so held on tight, because he was moving, i tried my best to let him know that i would visit him, but weeks after he moved, he broke up with me. Saying it wouldnt work out long distance never did. It broke my heart, it hurt so bad…but i slowly started to get over it. When i finally thought i was over him…he came back, to ruin my life again.    

  So a lot of things happened in my life to where i had to move far from my hometown, which i will get to eventually sometime, it was dark, and i was alone for the most part not having many friends where i currently live. No one to talk to i would just sit here and wallow, paint or read or watch Netflix to make the time go by faster when suddenly….*DING* my Facebook Messenger rang. 


 “We need to talk” it read. Chills ran down my spine. It tingled and burned at the same time. It had been years since ive heard from this flame. I wondered what was going on. Did something happen to our mutual best friend? Did I do something wrong? No. None of that i’m afraid. God i wished something happened to our dear friend, just so i could be saved from the embarrassment that was to come not very long after the first message sparked.

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  1. I know there is more to this story. Maybe you are not ready to share it all yet. Good intentions are good. They are not the “road to hell.” At all. You are trying to be positive and kind, and I wish you all the luck in the world. And may God bless you!

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